In Memoriam

A happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

My children, Matt and I spent yesterday morning walking around DC in the war memorial district.  WWII, Vietnam… I’m not a particularly overtly patriotic person.  I don’t have flags on my car/residence, no yellow ribbon magnets, I don’t go around hollering about the USA or the President.

But I am proud to be the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, and proud that my son’s great-grandfather is a Korean War veteran, and that my son’s uncle is a Marine, and that some of what I did when I worked with NASA had military connection.  I’m jobhunting (for a full-time one) and the VA is high on my list of places to look.  My son’s father rides in Rolling Thunder every year (except last when our son was very new), and in fact left about 45min before I originally wrote this to meet up and form up.  We went to a viewing spot about an hour later, and the kids had flags.  I teach my children about the importance of respect for the flag; whatever they may think of it when they’re older, they will know that it stands for more than just something to wave or draw pictures of in school.

This weekend please remember and honor those who fought and didn’t make it back, and thank those who did.  Really, we should do this all year ’round.   The war memorials in DC to those fallen exist more than two days a year.  If you’re ever in town, visit them. Honor them. And shed a tear for the sacrifices made, and think about why, and think about what to do about it and with it.


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