I’ll Deal With YOU Later.

“You? Will be dealt with later.”

“That’s not a very good phrasing. Not very communication-friendly.”

“I’m past being concerned about your tender feelings; you never have been about mine.”


Running on all cylinders but not fully conscious. In Predator Drone mode. If I can figure out how to apply theoretical quantum mechanics to this I probably will and it might help me understand more, but right now it’s data acquisition and targeting.

ETA:  Current “small world-itis” making strong case for social quantum entanglement; lends credence but not veracity to “meant to be together.” “Meant to be” = strong probability of close entanglement/bonding due to compatible quantum resonances, much like water + Fe = rust.  Current example: seems son’s father and I connected THREE links, all unconnected.  Mutual acquaintances, not-quite-shared social circles (friend-of-friend, two unrelated instances); same geographic locations within a year of each other (him following me); now a connection of his may be connected to my daughter’s father and thus encountered me.

Really makes one recall “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” Or at least conscious/deliberate action.


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