I like me.

This isn’t before coffee, particularly, but I’m working on an exercise for something that requires me to play the “I Like Me” game.  At the top of the page you write “I like *your name*, I really do…” and then fill the page, the WHOLE page, with positive third-person statements. No “but” or wiggling allowed, it’s gotta be straight up.  Here’s mine.  I seem to be a really amazing woman.

I like Cat, I really do…

I like Cat’s intelligence. She can figure out anything, and her thinking won’t quit; she was designing and trying to install a workaround for a failed spa pump while giving birth!

I like Cat’s ass. It stops traffic.

I like Cat’s hair. It’s gorgeous and usually looks like something celebrities spend hours and $$$ trying to achieve.

I like Cat’s passion.  There is no stronger love and desire for anyone than she has.

I like Cat’s strength. She can stand up to anything and anyone.

I like Cat’s sensitivity to others. She’d save the world if she could, and fix everything to ease everyone’s hurts.

I like Cat’s desire to leave everyone better than she found them.

I like Cat’s sense of humor. It’s completely juvenile at times and that’s great.

I like Cat’s libido. It’s high, and she loves sex. And is damn good at it. 😉

I like Cat’s ability to find a sale on ANYTHING.

I like Cat’s sensuality.

I like Cat’s ability to love unconditionally and completely.

I like Cat’s ability with words. She’s a great writer, and should definitely keep blogging.

I like Cat’s cooking. She’s a fantastic chef, and can make the most delicious stuff out of nowhere and on the fly!

I like Cat’s mothering style. She’s both strict and loving, and it shows in her well-behaved, loving, kind, happy children.

I like Cat’s face. She’s beautiful, with great bone structure and good skin and cute freckles.

I like her figure; it’s classic hourglass and she looks incredible in form-fitting things and should wear them more often.

I like her ability to look at a situation and see what’s really going on and what to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken spacecraft or hissy employees, she can figure out how to fix it.

I like Cat’s honesty. She doesn’t lie or hide things.

I like Cat’s warmth. She can relate to anyone and make them feel at ease.


One response to “I like me.”

  1. beatonm5 says :

    i am so doing one of these lol

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