Back to Me

I find myself sliding into a very positive phase in my life; it’s concurrent with coming back to Myself, so this may be how I actually AM.

Currently I’m throwing out ideas for an event next year that seem to be nearly universally liked and accepted.  (Party planning: it’s in my genes.  I get it from my father.)  I’m helping women in a group I’m part of with dating and social safety, vetting blind dates and identifying stalkers who text anonymously.  I’m actively planning out a water park for the kids in the back yard with a sprinkler, tarps, pool, mist and drip hoses, and about $25 in parts/lumber from Lowe’s.  Maybe $35, that’s a big hose splitter needed.

If I can carry this over to other things, I think I’ll be in good shape.  I do like this person, though.  If this is me, I need to not lose Me again.



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