You’re into the time slip…

Quantum entanglements are odd.  The social quantum entanglement I mentioned a while back may hold; there are certain combinations of people that seem to be nearly inevitable.  That doesn’t allow for emotion, however. 

It can make the probability of positive emotion stronger.  That isn’t to say that it will be lasting, and certainly no guarantee of healthy.


This brought to you by pre-coffee, trying to work, and having explained to my ex last night that I really don’t care; I’ve attained the apathy he strives to project. That isn’t to say that I’m open to another serious relationship right now; I need to work on myself for a while and figure out how to function normally instead of walking on eggshells all the time. This will probably go pretty fast, as I process and integrate necessary system tweaks quite rapidly due to a faster CPU and faster subjective time rate.  I process in a day what takes others a week or more. 

Hm. Subjective temporal rate being faster… another way to attain extended lifespan? Communal temporal rate = 1sec/sec, but personal may be faster, say 3sec/sec.  Twenty years would be equivalent of sixty, eighty equivalent to nearly a quarter millenium.  How to harness this?  Obvious problem is dealing with those at 1sec/sec (or slower, there are plenty out there who seem to be at sec/2sec or worse.)  How to adjust, how to pass information and specs and ideas that won’t even be understood for equivalent of 3x as long as we’d take? Building something in five years – fast perhaps, but subjective is 15! Attention spans are only so long. Not ADD, just parsing, analyzing, processing, grokking and DONE faster than “normal”.  Add in faster CPU (not truly linked to subjective temporal rate that I’ve observed, aside from possible increased correlation — two things happen independently often enough, also might explain those who just can’t cope with things unless they’re slowed) and frustration is HIGH.

Faster subjective temporal rate VERY useful to some, however: medics, anyone whose job involves saving others, real-time operations of any sort. Slower also conceivably useful; long-term observing of natural phenomena, observation of changes after un/natural disasters, etc. Mix of both needed for astronomical observing!  Not a patience issue. Patience can be equal, but faster internal timestream means person A may be patient 3x longer, subjectively, than person B.  Or 6x, if A is 3sec/sec and B is sec/2sec. 


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