Gonna take a Superman to sweep me off my feet

I’m gearing up for con now, and a lot of things are coming back to me.  Plotting what to wear, should I bring my own coffeemaker or extra filters and coffee for the room one, how many pairs of boots do I need? Does my flight suit still fit and is it cleaned?  (Aaaaand I just figured out a default costume if I want one, yay!)

There’s a certain shift in my day-to-day attitude, as well; I think it’s part of coming back to Me.  However, I’d forgotten the effect of unfettered ME on most of the rest of the world.  I need a rheostat for it… and a cattle prod.  The effect of a tall, outspoken, curvy redhead who likes traditionally “male” pursuits is one that tends to get a certain kind of attention from certain kinds of people who certainly don’t see her as a person.  It makes life Interesting, but that seems to be a side effect of just being Me.

I’ve also been thinking lately about what I need.  This is actually somewhat unusual for me, since I tend to think about what others need, then want, and THEN maybe what I might need.  I’m shifting my thinking; I’m tired of trying to live up to everyone else’s standards.  Now I’ll look and see if anyone can live up to mine.  It’s not easy.  To quote Bonnie Tyler, “I need a hero” — that’s what it’s going to take to match me, and they’re pretty hard to come by.


(This post partly brought to you by being unimpressed by disrespectful gits who are bad at taking “no I’m not going to kiss you just because you like my figure,” “following me to a con and expecting me to drop everything to spend time with you is unrealistic,” and “you’re not even close to the most interesting person chasing the attractive redhead” for answers.  Some people’s children, sheesh.)


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