Alien minds. (Crankypants griping, here’s your grain of salt.)

When confronted with anomalous, confusing behaviour my instinct is to dig, to find out what’s going on.  It’s why I’m so good at anomaly resolution, at troubleshooting, at FIXING things.

So, patience… which is extremely difficult for me, as my personal timestream appears to be considerably faster relative to the norm.  I’m hypersensitive to changes in behaviour and pattern as a result of both past and training, and with humans, well, I don’t understand why people do what they do.  It’s odd, because when I choose I can actually manipulate others incredibly well.  (I choose not to most of the time, as I consider it unethical.) 

Being someone who multitasks is not helpful at times.  Neither is having a personality trait of REALLY preferring to get things settled and firm before I can relax and turn my attention from them.  (Apparently this isn’t a good way to deal with anything male.  I have a son.  This ought to be amusing to everyone else.  I’m going to try to remember to keep some perspective.)

*shaking head* Bloody illogical creatures. One of these days someone’s going to actually tell me what’s going on and I’ll faint from the shock. *griping*  And then kiss them.  (Or maybe I’ll figure out that they already have told me.  Maybe if I view it as learning a new computer system…)


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