Grinding the gears

In planning the day with the housemate, shopping for the kids on this tax-free weekend was mentioned.  I stated that I wasn’t sure when I wanted to go today, as I’m not awake yet… I’m only on my second cup of coffee, and the morning migraine hasn’t subsided.  (I don’t drink it to wake up, particularly.  I drink it to reduce pain levels.  Look at any migraine medication that actually works and you’ll likely see caffeine included in non-token doses.  Such is my life… and no, it’s not overnight caffeine withdrawal.)  The housemate said that not being awake has never stopped me from making decisions before.


“Do I make better decisions before or after I’m conscious?”

“Equally good, but they’re faster before.  You’re pretty much ‘This, now go away and leave me alone!'”

Huh.  Okay.  Well, I’ve known for a while that I actually gear DOWN as I wake up; some of the things that come up here (particularly anything with quantum resonances, but other stuff as well) I actually have trouble understanding as the day wears on.  I’m better at logic, engineering, and general reasoning first thing in the morning… but notsogood at the social niceties.

Confirmed with the housemate: “I really do gear down a LOT as I wake up, don’t I.”

Housemate, whom you have to remember is also my ex and on whom I allegedly left scars that may equal the ones he left on me, but who knows that I’m relatively harmless when I have coffee and bacon in front of me: “*fervent nod* Yes.  You do.”

Okay. In that case, I’m going to put some pants on instead of the belt-masquerading-as-skirt wearing-it-because-it’s-clean-and-findable-without-glasses, get enough more coffee in me to function outside with sunglasses, and I guess we’ll go shopping.


(As a note, I read this off to the housemate before posting.  He said yep, I got it about right.)

We also discussed in passing my tendency to fry light bulbs, electronics, and batteries; this after I was complaining about not finding a vacuum attachment I needed to clean up leaky battery residue.  The batteries were fine before, it’s just that the flashlight they were in lives by my usual seating spot. 

It’s a pattern that no one believes and everyone thinks I’m exaggerating or even fabricating until they live with me.  My electronics die faster.  Batteries close to me don’t live long, live longer than they should, or try to explode. Light bulbs, well… incandescents either burn out in very short order or actually explode.  (An ex of mine didn’t believe me until he saw it happen and I was picking glass shards out of my lingerie drawer for weeks.)  Fluorescents either flat-out burn out or they go all weird and flickery; they last longer than incandescents, but the sound of them doesn’t help the migraines and I don’t like the light quality.  So far LED bulbs have been my best bet; wide variety of light tones (shut up I’m synaesthetic and prefer to choose my background light/noise) and they don’t die as fast.  More expensive, but it evens out because I’m not buying five, ten, or twenty a month.

The housemate just added to the migraine by starting the vacuum.  While I greatly appreciate the cleaning, and I love my vacuum to pieces, it has a whine that cuts through my eyeballs like an electric butter knife.


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One response to “Grinding the gears”

  1. Shorty says :

    Oh, trust me, I believe you when you say you kill lightbulbs……I work with (well, actually FOR, as she is the Exec VP of the wholedamncompany) a woman who murders electronic devices like Gabriel Iglesias kills chocolate cakes. In the eight years I’ve worked for this company, she has gone through no less then 7 laptops, 9 Blackberries, 3 desk phones, 4 monitors and countless earpieces and shuchnot. We not-so-jokingly call it the Schlesinger Effect (that being her last name), and even she has taken to calling it that.

    So know you aren’t alone, hon……there are others out there with wonky personal EM fields.

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