Ikea, saviour of sanity

It’s amazing how drastically clutter can affect peace of mind.

I’ve been seriously cranky the last few days and couldn’t quite figure out why.  Last night I got around to sliding over to everyone’s favorite self-assemble you-won’t-get-out-with-your-paycheck-intact store and picked up a kitchen shelving unit I’ve been meaning to for a while.  (Okay, and a new colander.  In my defense the kids destroyed my old one.  But that was the only extra.)  (This time.)
Today I put the thing together in short order — I totally rock assembling Ikea furniture — and immediately put it to use getting the bread, coffee/tea, and other assorted things in one place that wasn’t “all over the counters preventing any use as food prep workspace.”  And I immediately noticed that I was calmer.

Truth be told, I’m not sure whether this is an effect of reducing clutter (and cleaning the counters! Yay!) or of a slight streak of OCD I have.  I’ve also calmed myself down by color-sorting ball-pit balls into “warm” and “cool” colors, arranging plastic plates in ROYGBIV order, and obsessively dust-mopping the kitchen floor, so I’m not sure how much that means.  (For someone who can flip out over plates being out of pink-orange-yellow-green-blue-dark blue order and the vacuum not having ALL the attachments ON IT in their proper places, my room is a disaster area.  I guess it’s situational.  When I move I’m going to try to redo everything to cater to the OCD tendencies, that I might harness this power for good… and have an excuse to have Really Cute Organizers.)
In any case, the kitchen is tidier now and I can actually see how many hot dog buns we have left without having to also check to see how many bags, if any are moldy (the housemate seems less fussed about these things than I get), I’ve discovered that the microwave has a level top, and my rice cooker now lives in the kitchen instead of “random location in the pantry after my son was playing with it again.”  And I’m calmer and considering a pot of tea now that the teabags have been located and have a spot now.


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