We need to do this.

Or rather, I need us to do this.

I am going to be shameless and use this blog, which apparently has more readers than I was really aware of, to boost the signal.  And I’m doing it for completely selfish reasons.

You may have seen over on The Oatmeal that Wardenclyffe is for sale.

Here’s the Indiegogo link to do a direct donation.

Personal interest:  I’ve always been fascinated by Nikola Tesla.  Somewhere in my mid-teens I realised that I can almost understand the logic underneath his work… and that others don’t seem to be able to easily, if at all.  Eventually I registered that part of my comprehension seems to be tied in to my synaesthesia… which isn’t the “letters and calendar months are colors” variety, but music and vision and tactile and pure data interwoven (among other things.)  After analyzing the shape of this and other data for a few years, I suspect strongly that Tesla was synaesthetic the same way I am.  And could see patterns in things the same way I can.

Basically, I think, I’m not certain but I think I may grok his work.  I don’t have the training… but I know people who do and who can understand what I tell them.  That and my ability to learn anything that interests me may be enough.

Even if I can’t get in there and play — and any work that I would love that much would be play — we can’t let it be turned into a retail spot.  We can’t let his lab be destroyed.  There’s too much in there, I utterly guarantee it.  Yes, his papers are all held at assorted locations and guarded by people with fangs and guns and very determined steely glares, but this was his LAB.  There will be half-finished things.  Doodles.  Things that fell under the table.  Projects that were started and discarded.

I want Wardenclyffe.  Even if I can’t have it, WE NEED IT PRESERVED.  It must be preserved until someone can get in to try to make sense of things.  If I got it I’d be in there running an architectural, geological, structural, and any other kind of assay/evaluation on the building I could get.  And then… oh, then… I know some of the team I need.  I know exactly who.  One of my oldest friends for electrical; we communicate well enough that I’m certain I could express what I needed to him, and that he’d TRY.  Another friend currently in Texas for research — every single company involved in funding, ownership, waste cleanup, EVERYTHING that has ever been done there whether construction, destruction, or painting a damn fence needs to be researched and records requested and organized, and I know she’s the woman for the job.  I might even tap my housemate for managing records, facilities, and some physical project management.  Whatever my personal opinion of him, he’s good at what he does… and I mean GOOD, not just average decent skills.  You drop a fustercluck on him and say “here, this is your baby now” and he’ll sort it and have everyone loving him — and that’s a skillset I need.  I know database wizards, I know people who will know which other people have skills I need and even what those skillsets are called if all I can do is describe them.

They say everyone has a price.  Get me, personally, Wardenclyffe (title, deed, and all the other stuff) and you’ve earned a sit-down at the negotiation table with me.


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One response to “We need to do this.”

  1. The old friend mentioned above says :

    I’m pretty sure both you and I grok Tesla. You know I am in.

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