Someone already stole “Eureka!” for bathing cogitation.

In the shower, brain idling.  Register a few connections.

Jump out of shower, dry hands, frantically bring up phone notepad and hit voice transcription.

This is very important.  It’s resonances.  Everything is resonance.  Quantum entanglement patterns to chemical/molecular structure pattern, that analogy?  It’s a resonance, it may be MORE than an analogy (originally typed “more than a resonance”, subconscious typing control worth noting there.)  Tesla!  Tesla had part of it with the wireless power.  If we can figure out the resonances of everything on a quantum level we can echo that and manipulate everything.  EVERYTHING is all about resonances, it affects everything.

It’s shining so clearly and I know we’ve come close to it, sensed it if you will, before.  “Music of the spheres”; resonances are sort of how electricity works, when you think about it, just shift your perspective a little.  It’s all, everything, one big chord, chorale, beautiful and immense and vibrating except where it’s not and AMAZING and I GET IT NOW.

Now to figure out how to apply it and work with it and help us become active participants in the most glorious music ever, instead of passively listening to the concert from the middle of the orchestra.


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