On the edge

Can I really do this?

It’s huge.  And it depends on others following through as well.

If they did… if I could do this and really did this, if I screw up then everyone would fall. I guess best not to screw up, and make sure that everyone knows they’re signing on for an Adventure.

And the other… I’m scared.  It depends wholly on others doing their part, and I have issues trusting anyone else to do that.  The big one does as well; it’s a HUGE thing, world-changing maybe, and if anyone slogs off it would never get off the ground.

Can I trust anyone to do their part?  If I do these, either one, could people hold up their end?  I’m afraid to start for fear of others not following my lead; I can’t do it alone.

If I do my other, closer to home, could I trust contractors to do their jobs?

If I take this risk, if I take the leap, we could fall… or fly.  If I try to make this real, it could succeed.  If people are with me.  If they trust me. 

And if they trust me, that will frighten me as well; it means that I could change lives.  (Wait, I’m already a mother.)

So I guess it’s the most terrifying question of all:


Who’s with me?


One response to “On the edge”

  1. Brian says :

    I’m with you! Let’s go!

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