All aboard that’s coming aboard

It occurs to me that the only time I really get into trouble is when I slow down for someone else.

As is pretty obvious by now, I move fast; things are constantly happening if I default to normal and let them.  I’m slowed down some by my body and nervous system being somewhat broken, but even so things keep going on.

Sometimes I’ll see someone I like, and I’ll slow down to hold out a hand for them to grab and climb aboard.  And if I actually like them a lot, I’ll give them several chances.  I’ll say “Hey, grab on!”

The problem comes when I see they haven’t, believe them when they say they want to, and keep slowing down… and down… and down…

…and I stagnate and falter in the other things I’m doing, because I can’t slow down just one part.

Or sometimes I get slowed down by other things, by pregnancy or illness or All Hell Breaking Loose Again, and I need a hand and will reach out.  And if there is none of the type I need, I will falter again.

I just did that again, right when I’m starting to get moving again.  Someone I like, and I slowed down, and if I slow down any more I’m going to lose my momentum.  And you know what?  I can’t let that happen again.  I’ve just lost the last few years of my life because I slowed down too much, and there’s too much potential right now for Things To Start Happening for me to risk it again.

A lesson, not just for me but for everyone:  if someone’s worthwhile, they’ll grab on when they have the chance.  After that things can go slow, they can take their time and look around and see if they want to stay on for the ride, but if they don’t jump on board when you hold out that hand?  They’ve lost their chance.  Don’t slow yourself down.


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