Want, and Choice.

I want to talk about my reasons for hatred, and my past.  I want to tell my story, and my side, and what happened in my observation.
I won’t.  At least, not here and not now. I could go on at length; I started to, then deleted it all.

I’m going to deliberately focus on being positive.  If that means that I stay away from speaking of my past, of others, of my observations of them, then it does.  There is no such thing as permanently tied to anyone.

To the positive, my son is happily playing with a wooden fire truck and a cucumber right now.  Yeah, no, I don’t know either, but he then moved on to spit-polishing my knee.  My right knee is very shiny now.  And I have forbearance on my student loans ::shying away from negativity:: for a year.  Something will come through soon on the full-time job front, something marvelous.*

We can choose what sort of person we are.  We can choose to be negative, or we can choose otherwise.  I choose positive; I’ve had more than enough negative in my life, and those who are likely to truly understand me have as well.  I choose positive, and kindness, and understanding, and laughter, and love.  (I’m still working on patience or I would have included that, too.)


*Anyone reading who feels like helping with this, drop me a comment with somewhere to send a resume!  If you read this blog regularly you already know I’m amazing.


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