So very much has happened in the fortnight since I last wrote.

I’ve started the new job.  I’m doing work I love, with wonderful and supportive and all-around fun and great coworkers, in an environment in which I’m not only allowed but encouraged to contribute and excel and explore projects, with a company that seems to be quite focused on making their employees happy and the workplace comfortable.  Twelve-hour shifts aren’t onerous.

I went househunting, having decided that I want to be in at least a townhouse and that renting is my best bet for now.  This weekend I will sign the lease on a lovely 3br single family home with a nice yard, garage, comfortable neighborhood with lots of other children, and in range of one of the two best public elementary schools in the county (that I didn’t know was there until the house popped up in a search that was outside my normal parameters.)  I will move in fully the weekend after my daughter’s birthday — and she’s delighted, as she went with me and strongly approved the house.  This is important to me, as she will be living there as well.  The owner of the house was absolutely delighted when I asked if it’s okay to plant flowers and a garden, and said he strongly encourages it.  He’s also fine with the idea of a hot tub… and pointed out where he’d always thought of putting one.

I have access to the best medical insurance I’ve ever seen in my life, and will be utilizing it fully.  Doctor, dentist, chiropractor… we’ll see how necessary a therapist is once my body’s in shape and my anxiety feedback loops are under control.

I am… close to content.  After the move, when I am in my own house and my daughter is in a better, less-crowded school, I think that I will be fully content.  I’m already happier than I have been in a very long time; I’m getting my power back.


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2 responses to “Fruition”

  1. Allison Silver says :

    Congratulations! So happy for you!

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