SAA it ain’t so.

The South Atlantic Anomaly annoyed me.  It annoys many people, but flying LEO birds means that it really annoys me at times.  So I investigated it.

It seems that it’s basically a spot where the magnetosphere is thinnest/weakest, so it pretty much nails everything that goes through it with unshielded Space — something that’s not particularly empty.  One of the things I noted was that there are apparently much higher concentrations of antiprotons found in the area than would be expected.

I’ve seen proton storms and their effects on instruments.  The shielding on the birds out at LaGrange Point 1 is fairly impressive, and it can’t protect things totally.  Antiprotons… well, the interference looks… I can’t describe it, but I suspect that’s part of the problem.

Nothing we can do about the birds in the air, but anything future should have protonic shielding.  Do we even have protonic shielding? 

Proton + antiproton should mean energy production.  Second stage of development, figure how to harness that energy.  First stage, develop proton-heavy foil… so, basically foil of strongly positive ions.  Hm.  This will require a chemist, a physicist, and an engineer.  Obviously it needs to be something that breaks down/evens out to something stable/harmless.

Why are we not doing this already?  Chop chop, folks.


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