Cloudy, the sky is grey and white and cloudy

While not in the direct path of Sandy, I do live in one of the affected areas.  Last night never quite got to touch and go, but it was a bit unnerving at times.  The house I’m in now is fine; we lost power for all of ten seconds at one point, and the kids and I could feel the surge of it going out.  About an hour before that I’d heard a transformer explode somewhere.  Looking out the window, the only issues I see are a ton of leaves everywhere, a trash can lid blown off, and the big ball wedged into the swingset in the back yard.  (The housemate got a swingset for the kids.  I’m not sure he registers they’ll be gone in a couple of weeks.)

I need to run out today and check on my new house.  It’s in a tree-lined neighborhood, so I want to make sure that it’s intact; my lease starts on the first, and I’d like to be able to start moving things in!

Schools were closed yesterday, and again today.  I have a stir-crazy daughter, but we’ll run errands today and get some things taken care of.  Part of her Hallowe’en costume is still pending/waiting on delivery, so I may have to find a substitute. 

This isn’t really a true blog update; it’s more of a “hey, we’re okay” to folk who read and know about where I am.  And we’re fine, truly.


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