A disturbance in the Force

This isn’t truly before coffee, but it’s been sitting for a few days while I was busy moving.

Oh yes, I moved.  Last night was the first in my new home.  My daughter’s delighted about the move, my son is having a bit more trouble adjusting but is slowly warming up to the concept.  The new house has felt like a home nearly since the first day of the lease, and I’m extremely happy here and think my children will be as well.

I’ve been working on accepting good things.  Most of the time this has been as simple as saying in my head or even out loud “I accept being happy/love/good things.”  I’ve been standing taller, I’ve noticed, and people are responding fairly positively to me… and MORE good things keep happening.

An interesting side effect is that I’m a lot more aware of other people’s emotions and feelings.  I used to have the ability to read everyone in a room by walking in with my eyes closed; it faded the more analytical I got, and it’s coming back now that I’m trying to accept the positive in my life.  I can also tell emotional states of people I am or have been close to; I used to be able to know exactly what my maternal progenitor was doing even after 15 years and several states away, and I can generally follow emotion patterns of people I still care about.  I can read my son’s father better than he likes to think, and I would swear that I can read the person whose presence in my life made me happy even now, with the same ability that let me think of texting him and getting an email or text from him right then.

You can blow me off as crazy all you want.  It took me many years to understand that I wasn’t delusional; when I’m not around people to know what they’re feeling, yet they consistently react/corroborate it when I am back around them, there may be something there.  This gets tagged as “being a strong empath” by some; my personal suspicion is that it’s a variety of quantum entanglement and resonance.  I’ve mentioned social quantum entanglement before, and I theorize that those who are entangled can also resonate with others to know remote emotional states, and even project their own in some cases.  (I seem to be able to do that to an extent.)  It’s certainly been useful at work, as I could tell that my cranky coworkers weren’t annoyed with me, but with others who messed up.  Without that ability I would have (and did until I balanced my own emotional state out again to read others) thought that I was the one they were annoyed with and that I’d screwed up somehow.  (I very much didn’t.  Kind of the opposite.)

There have been some articles coming out lately on scientific studies that are indicating that our bodies and minds can actually react to things a split second before they happen.  I’d put this as more quantum resonance on the temporal line; events cause ripples that can be detected.  You know there’s been a disturbance in a pond by the ripples expanding out, even if you didn’t see the fish getting the bug; this would be similar.  (Implication is that quanta move in a wavelike form, but that’s more microscale.)

So yes… it may well be possible to feel a disturbance in the Force.  Or in someone you know and care about — this has, I believe, actually been documented in identical twins, regular siblings, mothers and their children, and particularly close or long-together partners.  It’s not so much a stretch to think that it might be possible for some folk to be able to resonate with those not related, as well.


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