I feel cheated.

I’m in my mid-thirties.  I’ve been married multiple times*.  I’ve done the wedding registry thing on two of them.

And still I have no nice china or anything but day-to-day silverware.

I’ve decided I’m going to fix this.  There is nothing in the world stopping me from picking out china and silverware patterns that I like** and getting them a place setting and serving piece at a time.  I may not be going for the sterling silver flatware, but I can certainly get something nice.  So I will.  I’m eyeing an elegant, simple pattern by Lenox for china, and I haven’t found something I like that will coordinate in flatware yet but I’m sure I will.

Screw waiting around or being bound by convention.  Why should I have to get married to get nice china?  I GOT married and didn’t really get it.

*I got married for emergency or bad reasons each time.  First was to escape an abusive home situation and make sure my legal next of kin wasn’t my mother, second was quite brief and because I was missing a LOT in the first marriage, third was after sheer hell that scarred me badly and left me just happy someone wanted me.  If I get married again, it will be for the right reasons — because I’ve found a partner, and a lover, and a true father for my children, and someone who has my back as I have theirs.  I’m not going to go through another divorce; I’ll vow “to love, honor, and cherish, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part” and keep that, and I expect the same.

**But no crystal, because I collect pretty wineglasses and I love the idea of a formal table with mismatched beautiful wineglasses.  Maybe I’ll get water goblets, but I love my eclectic wineglasses.


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2 responses to “I feel cheated.”

  1. Allison Silver says :

    If I had known four months ago you wanted China I would have sold you mine. I had a complete set, including all the serving pieces. Unfortunately, I gave it to my father and we’re not speaking anymore.

    Hope you get what you want. FYI – China patterns are often discontinued and with out any notice. If I were you I’d buy as much as you can as often as you can.

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