Christmas list

I try to post a list every year, though things on it may not be anything material.  Or they might be.  It depends on a lot of factors.  This year…


Assurance that my job will stay safe.

Some jewelry-making supplies including gem pliers and raw materials.  Or a gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems.

Big ol’ bottle of Maker’s Mark… I AM Southern, after all.

A 2-3-day-a-week nanny, willing to be at my place at 3:30am and stay until 6:30 or 7pm (traffic can be EVIL.)

A kiss under the mistletoe from someone in particular.

A kiss under the mistletoe from someone I don’t mind kissing.  (I have a few in mind.)

One or two corsets (Again, I have particular ones in mind.)

My singing voice back.

My children and myself to be healthy again.

The courage to tell someone how I really feel about them… and have them not reject me.

Open-back bookcases of dark wood for my living room/library.

A four-poster king-size bedframe, dark wood, medieval and sturdy. I saw a perfect one a while back but it got sold.

Falk cookware (except skillets.)


At least it’s not “decorations bought at Tiffany’s.”


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