Life’s been good to me so far…

Do you ever sit back, look at everything around you, and wonder exactly how the heck you got here?

Has it ever been in a good context?

That’s where I am right now.  I have a stable job that pays well.  I have a house — rental, but I have a lot of leeway with it, and it’s next to an excellent school.  I will have a garden this summer.  These things let me take care of my two wonderful, amazing, brilliant, sweet, beautiful children.

Even by conventional standards I’m in the “well-off” category.  My birth mother, who was materialistic and status-seeking as hell, would even be pleased if she knew (and would then try to glom on to some of it.)  I have a decent-sized yard with trees, a nice car (not luxury, but I don’t want a luxury car), a nanny (necessary for my situation but still normally associated with certain things), and I’m now looking at buying a boat after I pay back a Fairy Godparent loan and make my damn dentist appointment.  (Not a sailboat or yacht or anything, just a 10-12′ Zodiac because an inflatable, portable motorboat is Damn Useful for some things and can be considered part of my own personal apocalypse supply kit.)

But on the things that really matter, now there I’m rich.  I have intelligent, beautiful, healthy children (who actually LIKE vegetables.)  I have truly amazing and wonderful friends around the world who care about me even when I’m too far in a hole to respond.  As exes go, my children’s fathers are fairly reasonable.  I have a fantastic stepmother and father.  I won’t talk about my love life right now past saying that I am… still adjusting to being cherished and cared for and accepted as I am, bitchy/catty sides and all.  I have a job that I don’t hate, am good at, and pays well enough that I don’t have to count pennies at the grocery store and can give to others.


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