Tea and roses.

Things are… moving along.  I’ve hit the point in Handling the Bad Thing that I have to be on lockdown with some of what I say, so I won’t say much about that here past that I’ve had to make some very heavy decisions after talking to police.  Everything I do will have repercussions now.

I’ve got my back yard to a place where I’m actively looking forward to having folk over.  I’m even planning a party!  I have places to sit, I have shade and sun, I have plenty of room, I have a rose garden… I’m pleased with things.  It’s a very peaceful and comforting and safe-feeling place to be now.

As for my rose garden, the only one that’s having trouble “taking” is Peace; this might be because the damned guys who do the lawn keep nailing it with the weed whacker.  They’ve already destroyed both lilacs by repeatedly mowing them even after I said to watch out for them.  But I do have one of the roses blooming already… Tranquility has one spectacular and fragrant blossom, and three or four more buds ready to open.

But now, I think, I would like to sit in my back yard with a book, and a cup or two of tea, and good company.


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