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Shout out

Let me just stop here and say something.

I have some truly amazing friends.

One of them in particular has really been there for me lately. He is funny, in my IQ range, sweet, interesting, caring, supportive, and gives the most amazing hugs…! I trust him and I’m comfortable with him on levels that pretty much no one can access, and he is the person I turn to when I need to talk something over and get a gauge on things, and he tends toward being my accomplice in shenanigans. He is incredibly fun to be around and it always brightens my week if I know our paths will cross. He makes me laugh daily, and he’s pretty damn easy on the eyes on top of it all. And he GETS me, and keeps surprising me with that.

He deserves a serious shout-out.

Thank you. You know who you are.


Well well well!

Well! That’s a surprise. Congratulations to my son’s father, M V, and his new spouse “B”, nee M—-. I was just informed via email this evening of the marriage; I do believe they met at his sister’s wedding that changed the child policy at the last minute to exclude my newborn son (she was interpreting for the MoH, who is Deaf), so I have not had a chance to meet the woman who has apparently been around my son frequently – despite the agreement that M and I had to introduce serious significant others to each other before taking any steps. Sadly, my children seem to have been told not to speak of her to me; this is rather disturbing, as a similar request was made to my daughter that resulted in the complicated state of affairs in which she and I currently are.

Congratulations, dears, in true Southern style! I look forward to tea with my son’s father’s SO. I’m so sorry that you missed out on the chance to have the cutest ring bearer ever, and flower girl as well in his big sister.

Stalking fail.

Hi.  I know you’re reading my blog again, trying to find things to make me look bad.  I can see what you read, I can see what you come back to, and I can see really obvious patterns.  I’ve seen them before.

Facebook algorithms also have a few little quirks that can show you when someone you otherwise have no connection with and never mention anywhere is visiting your Wall a lot.    

Please find a new hobby.  

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