About (Finally!)

I am statistically improbable, but not impossible.  I am also very real.  I don’t lie, I rarely exaggerate, and I have minimal patience with wilful stupidity.

I’m a single mother of two children and a natural redhead who enhances.  I’m currently coming out of a very long period of forgetting who and what else I am.

I am a survivor.  I have been through many things, and I refuse to classify myself as an “abuse survivor” or “rape survivor” or “XYZ survivor”; to do so is to continue to define myself by the actions of others.  Just say that I am a survivor.  It’s what I do.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I could put here, but it builds expectations and then people project what they think X looks like on me and get mad when it’s not the same.  Just read.  You’ll figure it out soon enough.


One response to “About (Finally!)”

  1. Lori says :

    I have nominated your for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

    Check out my post for the rules: http://dearmsmigraine.com/2012/08/12/beautiful-blogger-award/

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