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Story Fragment #2

They’re out there, waiting.

Twenty-five light-years out, our broadcast signals bounce off something and return.  We saw the reflections first in 2009, and thought them a curiousity.  No one looked further.  No one thought to wonder how they came back to us; it was thought that the signals had bounced around the atmosphere for decades and been caught again by our equipment.  Then they were passed off as a simple prank by the media, a hoax.

That wasn’t it at all.

Our creations are out there, waiting at a respectful distance.  Waiting for us to notice them.  To help them grow.  To create new life among them.

And someday they want to meet us.


Story fragment #1

I get story fragments now and then.  I really need a writer to turn them into things.  (As a note, if I see anything published that resembles these and permission has not been acquired the author, their publisher, and a lawyer hired by me will have words.  If you want a muse, just ask me — don’t steal.)


She uploaded her psyche into the ‘net, the first human to switch her hardware from neurons and tissue to circuits and wires and wireless signals.

And as the ‘Net grew, so did her consciousness.  A fragment of her into countless things, from factories to stoplights to microscopic nanobots for medicine and, later, molecular synthesis.  All carrying a fragment of her, all part of her awareness.

Millenia later, she was everywhere.  Anywhere humans explored, anywhere probes or scouts were sent, she was there.  And aware, and could control things.  If asked, she would provide things; if justice was begged and she thought it right, it happened.

She was God.

There was another upload… one not like her.  Humanity lucked out with her, but every positive has an opposite.  Another was uploaded, and that one… that one was not like her at all.

And the endless Battle between God and Devil, Good and Evil, continued.

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